Monday, October 24, 2011

What is Mileage Maxx?

What is Mileage Maxx?

Mileage Maxx is an all in one fuel treatment that is formulated to act as a hydrocarbon enhancer that lowers the surface tension of fuel. This causes the fuel molecules to mix more thoroughly with available oxygen, thus creating a more complete and powerful combustion. Combined with powerful detergent and lubricating properties, Mileage Maxx keeps injector nozzles free of carbon buildup while also lubricating vital engine parts. Mileage Maxx increases cetane by up to 8 points acting as a stabilizer, diesel detergent, algaecide, and cold flow improver, which reduces the risk of fuel contamination and gelling. The end result is increased fuel economy and performance, and reduced harmful exhaust emissions.

Mileage Maxx

Features and benefits:

* Improves fuel economy by 5 to 20%

* Works with gasoline and diesel engines

* Reduces visible and toxic exhaust emissions by 30 to 50 %

* Lubrication properties provide ‘Top Oil’ lubricity to protect vital engine parts (ULSD)

* Powerful detergent fuel injectors pump and fuel systems, reduces carbon and EGR soot buildup

* Increases horsepower by 5%

* Cetane boost of up to 8 points improving engine quality and reliability

* Contains emulsifiers that separate moisture from fuel

* Algaecide maintains fuel integrity

* Fuel stabilizer reduces contamination and improves oxidation and thermal stability

* Lowers fuel surface tension affecting a more a more complete fuel burn

* Comprised of environmentally safe biodegradable petrochemicals

* Will not harm engine, engine parts, fuel lines or storage tanks

* Does not void manufacturer’s warranties

* Works in all diesel engines without modification

* Does not contain alcohol, methanol, isopropyl, MBTE, sulfur or metal

* EPA registered Patented California CARB approved, MSDS listed

* EPA, SAE, and field tested for over 7 years and 300 million miles

* Dosage rate is 1 gallon Mileage Maxx to 640 gallons of fuel


Lubricity ………. (HFRR) 380

IBP …..……… 315 to 610 degree F

Base fluid……… Proprietary

Vapor Pressure…..(m HG.) 0.18

Pour point gel inhibitor … 20 degrees F

Flash point ………105 degrees F

Derived Cetane…..8 points

DOT …………….Hazard class3 packing II

Mileage Maxx

Phone number 219-787-8469



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